About DAB Racing

DAB Racing, the Story so far...

DAB RACING was formed by Dawn and her son Jack some time ago and now with the exciting development of being homed at Paul Webber Racing, enjoying fantastic training facilities, DAB RACING is now able to unleash it’s full potential in the training of horses for point-to-point racing, this is fantastic timing as we are slowly exiting the lockdown restrictions.


DAB RACING benefits from FULL racehorse training facilities including a fantastic indoor equine swimming pool. 

DAB RACING at Edgecote Gallops

Training of Horses for Point to Point

DAB RACING specialise in the training and development of horses to race at Point to Point meetings. 

When horses first come to DAB RACING for training their fitness is assessed, training & nutrition regime planned, any potential physiotherapy work as required. 

Training regimes will be centered around Point to Point meeting dates. 

DAB Racing - Point to Point Trainer in Oxfordshire

Racehorse Syndicates

DAB RACING will be entering into some exciting P2P syndicate prospects:

For example; Rocco is a 7-year old gelding from Ireland who is being trained to enter some exciting point to point meetings coming up soon, for a share of this exciting prospect and for further information please contact Dawn

Training and Development of Racehorses

Every horse is assessed for development, fitness and nutritional requirements

In turn, every horse will have its own road map to it every horse will have its training regime roadmap heading towards its next race.

DAB RACING at the Gallops